Bavarian Hefeweizen TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit

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K56 Bavarian Hefeweizen TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit


TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit

Bavarian Hefeweizen

A true Bavarian delight! This Bavarian Hefeweizen is golden blond and cloudy, with classic banana and clove phenols from the yeast wrapped up with bready wheat flavors. Serve in a tall glass with a slice of orange. Want that traditional cloudy appearance? Serve it mit hefe ("with yeast") by swirling the bottle with a a little remaining beer in it to make sure you get all the flavorful yeast. Prost!


  • 2 × 3.3 lb cans Wheat LME
    Hops & Flavorings
  • 1 oz Hallertau Hop Pellets
  • 11.5 g Fermentis SafBrew WB-06

Approximate Brew Stats

  • IBUs: 5
  • ABV: 4.5-5.5%
  • OG: 1.045-1.049
  • FG: 1.008-1.012
  • COLOR: Straw
  • READY: 2-4 Weeks