Customer Support


When calculating finance charges, we use the date your payment was received by our bank. Therefore, please be sure to mail payments 3-5 days before the due date.

Check Payments

Please send all payments, for orders from any location, to:
BSG HandCraft
P.O. Box 74769
Chicago, IL 60694-4769

Bad Checks – Customers whose checks are returned for insufficient funds are charged a fee of $25. Returned checks are re-deposited only with customer approval. Checks returned a second time incur an additional $25 fee. Customers submitting two bad checks in a six month period or less will lose credit terms and product will only be sent on a pre-paid basis.

Wire Transfers

Please contact our accounting department for wire transfer instructions. You may call 800.999.2440, or email

Credit Cards

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. As of February 1, 2013, all accounts will be subject to a $60,000.00 maximum in credit card payments during any calendar year.

Terms & Prices

Account Terms

Available payment terms are industry credit, credit card pre-payment, check pre-payment, or COD (charges apply). As of February 1, 2013, all accounts will be subject to a $60,000.00 maximum in credit card payments during any calendar year. All payments must be made in USD.

BSG HandCraft requires a first-order minimum of $2000 for all start-up retail businesses. There is no minimum order for established retail businesses or other businesses like breweries, wineries, or educational institutions. There is no minimum for subsequent orders. First orders are shipped only on a pre-paid basis, regardless of the payment terms established on the account.

Industry Credit Accounts – Standard industry credit terms, following credit approval, are Net 31 days from the invoice date. Payments may be made by check or wire. Invoices may also be paid by credit card by calling the Accounts Receivable department at 952.465.0566. Declined cards will be retried once, only by request, before check or wire payment is required on a go-forward basis. A 1.5% monthly charge will be automatically applied to overdue accounts. When calculating finance charges, we use the date your payment was received by our bank. Therefore, please be sure to mail payments 3-5 days before the due date. Freight charges are not discounted.

Credit Card Pre-Payment Accounts – Orders placed under credit card pre-payment accounts must be successfully billed to a credit card prior to shipping. BSG HandCraft accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, and will gladly hold card information on file in our secure system to avoid any processing delays. Customers are responsible for providing BSG HandCraft with updated card information if their card on file expires or otherwise becomes unusable. If a credit card declines, BSG HandCraft will attempt to run the credit card the following day. If the card is again declined, a member of our AR team will contact the customer within 24 hours to obtain further instructions or new credit card information.

Check Pre-Payment Accounts – Orders placed under check pre-payment accounts must be successfully paid by check or wire prior to shipping. BSG HandCraft will wait for all check or wire payments to clear before applying payment to the account and shipping product.

Cash on Delivery (COD) Accounts – Orders placed under COD accounts will be shipped using a carrier that provides COD service. COD service charges vary by carrier. If freight is pre-paid by BSG HandCraft, the service charges are billed to the customer along with basic freight costs. BSG HandCraft will notify COD customers of the total cost prior to shipping. Customers are responsible for providing full payment to the carrier in an acceptable form at the time of delivery.

Late Accounts

Product will not be shipped to accounts with balances older than 45 days without a firm payment plan in place. Accounts failing to adhere to an agreed upon payment plan will automatically be placed on hold. Accounts older than 90 days are routinely turned over for collection and need not again be sold product until all due bills, including collection fees and late charges, have been paid. Following any formal collection procedures, product will be shipped on a pre-payment basis until such time as credit-worthy status has been reestablished. We reserve the right to restrict sale prices and promotional programs to customers with current accounts only, and to restrict any and all credit policies at any time deemed necessary.

Prices & Price Changes

All listed prices are EXW the BSG HandCraft warehouse. All prices listed are subject to change without notice. Price changes are made immediately on the web-site, monthly on PDF or CSV pricelists, and generally noted in our monthly mailings.

Problems with Invoices & Orders

We take pride in our ability to process and ship orders on a timely and correct basis, with a minimum of errors. If an error is made on an invoice or order, notification to BSG HandCraft by the customer must be made within 30 days or we will not be held responsible.

Back Orders

If an item is out of stock when we ship an order, the customer may request that we create a back order as a reminder to contact them when our inventory is replenished. At that time, the customer may choose to have the product shipped, either alone or with another order, or have the back order cancelled. BSG HandCraft does not cover the cost of shipping back order items.

Special Orders

Special orders items are any items that requires a pre-order (such as RJS Craft Winemaking RQ Kits, Cru Select Ports or seasonal offerings), custom equipments kits, or items not in our catalog. Special orders can be cancelled until the time BSG HandCraft has placed the order with the supplier. Once BSG HandCraft receives confirmation from the supplier, the retailer will be responsible for payment for all special ordered items. Special Order items are not returnable. Customers will be notified when items arrive at the warehouse and must take delivery within two weeks of notification. Special Order items will be shipped with next available order or separately if requested by customer. BSG HandCraft does not pay for shipping of Special Order items.


Damages or shortages must be reported to our Customer Service department within 5 days of receipt of order. This makes it easier for us to uncover sources of problems and prevent recurrences. All returns must be authorized by a Customer Service Representative. Items returned without prior authorization will not be credited. No adjustments will be made on items held by a customer for more than 30 days. Special Order items are not returnable, and all returns may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Transportation Claims

If merchandise is received damaged by FEDEX shipment, the customer must initiate a claim by calling FEDEX and reporting the damage. For truck claims, the Bill of Lading must be signed with damaged items listed. If the bill is signed without notation of damage, the trucking companies will not honor any claims, and BSG HandCraft will not be held responsible for any damaged merchandise. All truck shipments from BSG HandCraft locations leave our warehouse palletized with orange shrink wrap. If the wrap has been disturbed or damaged in any way, or if the pallet arrives in different wrapping, please check the shipment carefully. Your signature on a bill of lading accepts the merchandise in good condition, frees the trucker of any responsibility, and makes it impossible for BSG HandCraft to be of any help with a claim. If there is any hint of damage, sign only a conditional acceptance, with terms such as ‘pallet disturbed - possible damage or loss’, ‘piece count incorrect’, or ‘subject to inspection’.


BSG HandCraft offers a variety of shipping options to suit your needs. Our Customer Service Representatives and Logistics experts work closely with motor freight and parcel carriers to get you the best pricing and service, whether you need to ship a few packages, a partial pallet, or a full truckload. Please call Customer Service at 800.999.2440 to discuss the best shipment options.

Shipping Methods

BSG HandCraft offers shipment by motor freight (“truck shipment”) for palletized orders, or by FEDEX for smaller orders. Orders under 200 lb will normally ship via FEDEX, and any of greater weight via truck shipment. Larger orders can be shipped via FEDEX Hundredweight on request.

Packages shipped via FEDEX or other parcel carriers have a greater risk of damage and loss in transit than palletized merchandise shipped on a truck. Furthermore, FEDEX does not operate as a common carrier, and in most instances is not responsible for incidental damage or loss. BSG HandCraft strongly recommends shipping glassware and wine kits as part of palletized orders shipped with common carriers.

Shipping Terms

Special Notes:

Glass Shipping – BSG HandCraft highly recommends that all glass be shipped by common carrier. The customer will accept full responsibility for breakage during transit if shipped by other than common carrier. BSG HandCraft will not reimburse the customer or file a claim if glass arrives damaged via FEDEX. BSG HandCraft will no longer ship glass carboys or beer bottles via FEDEX and does not repack wine bottles shipped FEDEX.

Wine Kit Shipping – Due to the weight and possible excessive movement of product within the wine kit box if shipped FEDEX, BSG HandCraft highly recommends that all wine kits be shipped via common carrier. We will ship wine kits via FEDEX at customer’s request, but BSG HandCraft will not reimburse the customer or file a claim if wine kits are damaged in transit.

Tamper-Evident Wrap – Truck Shipments fulfilled by BSG HandCraft locations leave our warehouses in distinctive, orange shrink wrap. If you receive a truck shipment in normal wrapping, it is very import to check the contents carefully before signing for the receipt. For more information, see the Transportation Claims section.

Available shipping terms are Pre-Paid Freight, Freight Collect, or Customer Pick-Up. BSG HandCraft recommends the Pre-Paid Freight option, which allows you to benefit from the discounts HandCraft receives when we pay our freight partners for your shipment. Many of our negotiated discounts exceed 75% of the base freight rate.

Pre-Paid Freight – BSG HandCraft will work with you to find which of our freight partners best suits your business or specific order. HandCraft will pre-pay a discounted rate to the carrier, and then all carriage and service charges are conveniently added to your order invoice.

The delivery term for Pre-Paid Freight shipments is Carriage Paid To (CPT) Destination. BSG HandCraft is responsible for transferring well-packaged items to the carrier. Risk passes to the buyer when goods are handed over to the carrier. BSG HandCraft will issue credit only when damages can be recovered from the carrier.

Freight Collect – BSG HandCraft will schedule a pickup with the carrier of your choice or recommend one of our freight partners that best suits your shipment. HandCraft will arrange for the carrier to bill you directly for all carriage and service charges. This is sometimes convenient if your business has an account with a freight carrier, or if you prefer the service of a carrier that is not one of our freight partners.

The delivery term for Freight Collect shipments is Free Carrier (FCA) Origin. HandCraft is responsible for transferring well-packaged items to the carrier at the original BSG warehouse. Risk passes to the buyer when goods are handed over to the carrier. The buyer is responsible for recovering damages from the carrier due to loss of value incurred during transportation.

Customer Pick-Up – Customer Pick-Ups are available from any BSG HandCraft location from 9:00am - 4:00pm Monday-Friday, with 24 hours' notice; please call if you will be more than 1 hour late for your appointment. For customer pick-ups of less than 1 pallet, same day pickup is possible with at least 2 hours notice (please have your customer service representative contact the warehouse).

The delivery terms for Customer Pick-Ups are Ex Works (EXW) Origin. BSG HandCraft is responsible for making well-packaged items available for collection at the original BSG warehouse. Any arrangements for HandCraft to load the items onto the collecting vehicles must be negotiated as a specific exception to the delivery terms, and loading takes place at the buyer’s risk.

Shipping Locations:

Orders fulfilled by BSG HandCraft ship from our warehouses located in Providence, RI, Atlanta, GA, and San Leandro, CA. Orders placed with BSG HandCraft may occasionally be fulfilled by other divisions of Brewers Supply Group (BSG). For a complete list of BSG warehouse locations, please visit the BSG CraftBrewing website.

Drop Shipments

We will drop ship for the convenience of our customers, should they be out of stock on a particular item, or if we caused a delay in shipment of an article due to our own stock position. We will also drop ship for customers wishing quick shipment on items not normally stocked, or as seen fit for other reasons. A drop shipment charge of $10.00 applies to FEDEX shipments and $20.00 to LTL shipments if the shipment is not due to our own error. We reserve the right to refuse drop shipment privileges to any customer seen as routinely offering merchandise not stocked in the customer’s inventory, or when drop shipments seem excessive. No CODs on drop shipments.

Warehouse Locations

West Warwick, RI

1600 Division Road.
West Warwick, RI 02893(map)

Our West Warwick, RI facility is conveniently located just off of Interstate-95. From either direction, take the I-95 exit for Quaker Ln South. At the first intersection, head west on Division Rd. Our warehouse is located just a few blocks down on the north side of Division Road.

Atlanta, GA

7035 LaGrange Blvd.
Suite B
Atlanta, GA 30336 (map)

Our Atlanta facility is located off of I-20, 1 exit West of the 285 Beltway surrounding Atlanta. From any route, proceed to I-20, the main East-West highway bisecting the city. Take Exit 49 off of Rt 20, for Fulton Industrial Blvd./GA-70. From the exit ramp, turn left under the highway, and follow Fulton Industrial Blvd. for 4.5 miles. Turn right onto Boat Rock Blvd. SW and then take the second left onto LaGrange Blvd. After 0.8 miles, the warehouse will be on the left.

San Leandro, CA

950 Aladdin Ave.
San Leandro, CA 94557 (map)