Discover the world’s most popular wines and the thrill of creating wine blends that are uniquely yours with Mivino.

Mivino features two half size kits providing craft winemakers with the opportunity to craft a single varietal half batch with one kit, or a full batch with both kits.

Some craft winemakers will want to use Mivino to experiment with a winemaking technique long established in the world’s leading wine regions - blending two or more different kits. The unique flavor profiles of the different grape varieties will come together to create a customized and complex red, white or rosé blend your customers will love.

Mivino provides exceptional quality 5-week wine kits containing: 2 kits each making 11.5 liters of finished wine, carefully selected yeast strains, some kits also include grape skins and/or oak chips or powder and complete set of easy-to-follow instructions.