Establishing A Wholesale Account with BSG HandCraft

We welcome new customers and will work with you as you enter our trade, expand your product selection, or source new ingredients. Please read our Initial Approval Criteria and our Complete Terms & Policies carefully for anything that applies to your business or business plan. We do not approve all inquires, so we strongly recommend that you get location and account approval before signing leases or purchasing a place of business.

1Is a Wholesale Account Right for You?

BSG HandCraft is a wholesale distributor, and does not sell directly to home brewers and winemakers, home-based businesses, or brewing clubs. If you are not looking to establish a wholesale account for your business, visit our Store Locator to find a retailer near you.

Businesses that already have accounts with other BSG divisions do not need to apply for customer accounts. You may place an order with our Customer Service Department, or request login credentials for the BSG HandCraft website.

If your business currently has an account with BSG HandCraft but is moving or expanding to a new location, you do need to re-apply for your wholesale account. Multiple location accounts fall under the same criteria as single location accounts. And BSG Handcraft reserves the right to decline sales to one or multiple locations of a single account if they do not meet our criteria.

If you are not a current customer of BSG and would like to open a home fermentation supply store, carry BSG HandCraft products in an existing store, or source equipment or ingredients for your business, you need to apply for a wholesale account.

2Do You Meet the Initial Approval Criteria?

BSG HandCraft has some requirements for new accounts. Please make sure your business is prepared to meet all the following Initial Approval Criteria.

  • You must have a commercially-zoned building. BSG HandCraft does not sell to individuals, clubs, or home-based businesses. We are interested in businesses that can properly represent our line of products to sell in a retail environment.
  • You must provide your Federal Tax ID notice, billing address, and either your established shipping address(es) or the general area of your planned retail location(s). You must also provide a state Sales & Use Tax certificate(s), if required by any state in which your business operates.
  • If your business is a Brew-on-Premise, Wine-on-Premise, Winery, or Brewery you may be asked to provide your winery or brewery license.
  • If you are starting a new retail operation, your first order must total at least $2,000. There is no minimum order for established retail businesses or other businesses like wineries, breweries, manufacturers, or educational institutions. There are no minimums for subsequent orders. First orders are shipped on a pre-paid basis, regardless of the terms established on the account.
  • You must read and accept BSG HandCraft's Terms & Policies, which apply to all accounts.
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3Prepare & Submit An Application Package

Download a copy of our Account Application. Submit your complete application package to BSG, including the signed application document and all applicable licenses, by one of the following methods.

BSG HandCraft
800 West 1st Ave.
Shakopee, MN 55379

To be approved for an account, you must submit the appropriate licenses and certificates, a signed BSG Handcraft account application, and a signed personal guarantee, which is included in the application. Applicants meeting these requirements are subject to approval based on the quality of their location and proximity to current BSG customers.

BSG Handcraft verifies all the submitted information and reserves the right to decline and/or terminate any account we deem necessary. We require a minimum of 5 business days to process an application once all materials are received.

Download the Application